My Favorite Authors

Hi, Friends and Readers,

I set up this page a while back to give us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. Being involved in other areas related to working on my second book and doing research has distracted some of my attention from interaction here.

The purpose for this section is to share some of the great authors who have helped shape my writing and to give you a sneak preview of someone you might not know. I want to list them and give a brief explanation of what I like about their style and maybe give you a chance to respond with ideas you might have about your favorites.

The first on my list is:

Kirsten Heitzmann – Kristen’s gripping and spellbinding approach to her writing holds her reader captive from the beginning. She puts you in the character’s seat, not knowing what awaits you around the next curve. The fact that she writes Christian fiction filled with realistic suspense, and that her characters could be your neighbor next door or the man you believe is the love of your life brings each story to life in your heart and mind.

If you haven’t read one of her stand alone books or a series, I believe you will come away with new favorites. My personal favorites are the Michelli Family series and The Rush of Wings series.

I hope you will choose one of her books for yourself. I would love for you to tell me in the comments below who you like to read and why. Any feedback you give helps me.

I will share another of my favorite authors in another posting.

As always, thanks for reading and please sign up to follow me here on my blog.

Your favorite writer and storyteller,

Alma Wallace Fenter