Dipping in the Ink Well

Ink WellHere I am, after eight months, with a quick update on my adventures in writing. A new — and definitely humbling — adventure.

So far, my protagonist has managed to stay one step ahead of the bad guy, with help, of course. (That’s a good thing!)

I’ve found myself going down roads, through valleys, and around curves, sometimes at break-neck speeds, as this thing I first called a book, takes on a life of its own. But don’t ever think a book is just paper and ink. It becomes a living thing, an ever-changing adventure.

I’ve met people I didn’t know at the beginning of the journey, people who emerged from my pen, people whom I’ve come not only to know, but also to love. Last night, after proofing a chapter, I was sitting here at my desk crying. Sometimes a character’s life doesn’t go the way even the writer planned…

I’ll do my best to update again soon. Those of you who have been following me on my personal blog elsewhere will find other writings and stories here I’ve never shared. Stories that won’t come in book form, but I think will be entertaining. I hope you will follow me so you can meet some of these interesting, sometimes quirky, and ever-so-human characters that leap out of my pen, and love these people as I do.

Your Friend and Storyteller,
Alma Wallace Fenter

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