Sixth Night…I Think

This morning, Alma sitting in bed feeling miserable and me watching her, the nurses walk into the room and hand me a mask. “Well, it’s confirmed. She has the flu, and is now in isolation.” For a week now, we’ve breathed the same air, but now I have to wear a mask to stay in the room with her. Wow. I know there are probably good reasons for hospital protocols, but seriously.

Flu is one thing. That is the ultimate culprit that caused all the other dominoes to fall, but now it seems like they’ll never quit falling. Her blood pressure just won’t stabilize, and that is stopping other areas of needed progress. Like physical therapy. When it’s too high, therapists will not push. Too risky. So, the most they did for her today was sit her up on the edge of the bed for a few minutes. She also has pneumonia, which they are treating with breathing treatments, but the best help for the lungs is physical therapy. So far, she pretty much lays in bed all the time. Not good for her lungs.

Connie and Kaela stayed with her for awhile today while I went home and had a shower. That felt good.

After I got back this afternoon, and during one of the times when the nurse was in the room, she asked about what we did. After I told her I was a hospice chaplain, she looked at me and said, “In a little while, can I ask you something?” She took care of Alma and left, then came back in a few minutes later and said, “I have a family who are calling for a chaplain, but we don’t have one. Could you pray with this family? You know, whenever you can.”

I said, “Sure, I can right now.”

We went to the room next door where Beverly lay dying, her two sons and their wives gathered around her. We talked about their mom for awhile, then prayed together.

People everywhere need each other. We can all serve each other in a time of need. Even if we are in need ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Sixth Night…I Think

  1. So happy to hear Alma is better, but why did it take the doctors so long to diagnose her? Glad you were there for those other people in their time of need. Love to you both!


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