Update from Alma

I made a personal commitment to myself and my followers to post an adventure every week. I hope it’s not too early to beg your grace this week.

Last night, I broke through my emotional wall which has been building over the last three weeks. I realized just how close I came to dying, and that realization hit me quite hard.

Today, I hit another wall concerning my release from the hospital. I do not feel the need to stay in the hospital as long as the hospital administration would like for me to stay. I’m not sure which class from the “reservation” taught me to stand up and fight City Hall, but as one of my young physical therapists said, “Child of the 60s, wow! Yeah, I see that!” Tomorrow there will be some tough conversations with the doctor. But I will not stay here for the length of time they insist I should stay.

Meanwhile, back in the novel, here’s a slight update on some of our people. My leading lady is finding this journey back home to be more difficult than anticipated. Just as my editor has made this process much more difficult than I anticipated. He has returned my first draft with lots of red marks that he wants me to turn into smiley faces. Now, I begin the process of rewriting sections using his recommendations. Here again, I find myself fighting City Hall.

Thank you for your patience,

Your Loving Storyteller, Alma.

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