Changes to Come

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Hello out there to all my friends and readers.

          I hope everyone enjoyed following my characters through their individual journeys, from Swing to Robert and Joy in #StartingOver. Each learned lessons about loving themselves and loving others.
          In my last story, I especially enjoyed watching Joy change from a pushy, demanding news reporter, out to further her own cause, evolving into a loving person who cares for others around her.
          In the weeks to come, I will be working on my author page; making it more interesting and diverse, more appealing to a wider range of readers. I’m excited about the future of my writing, sharing it with a bigger audience, even introducing you to some of my favorite authors. I’m excited to meet your friends, too.
          To do this I need your help.
          So, I’m asking you for a favor. At this point, I need more followers and email subscriptions as our ventures broaden to include more features. Please invite your friends to come to my author page and subscribe if they like what they read.
          Due to time constraints and a couple of big projects in the works, you may not see as many new posts from me, but I promise some exciting things to come. There are definitely growing pains as we revamp things, work on new projects, and try to grow new readers and make more friends on this journey.

          I would love your feedback, too. Are there some things you’d like to see or know about my writing, character development, or how my stories develop, etc?
          Love and thanks to all of you from your favorite author and storyteller,


4 thoughts on “Changes to Come

  1. This is the first time I’ve been able to come in and look around your site. It’s beautiful! I look forward to delving into your stories and also what big changes may be coming.


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